Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Award for Epic Suffering: Sufferfest

Last spring I did something kind of crazy. After an ankle injury and pending surgery shut down my running, I took the opportunity to cross something off my cycling bucket list: riding 10 Sufferfest indoor cycling training videos back-to-back. Yes, I sat on my bike in my living room for a solid 11 hours. And pushed. Hard. Then I sat on the floor for a while, ate a whole jar of peanut butter, and hauled myself with my arms into an ice bath. For this feat, I am now an official Knight of Sufferlandria (see

If you ride an indoor trainer, I highly recommend their videos. They are entertaining, feature awesome cycling footage, and give you a crazy workout.

At long last, my certificate has arrived. And yes, it's going on the wall with my professional degrees.

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