Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cycling Fusion certified!

My gym/second home has recently partnered with Cycling Fusion to host a winter training program geared towards outdoor cyclists (hooray!). I spent last weekend taking the Cycling Fusion instructor certification course, earning me a fancy "cycling fusion certified" asterisk next to my classes on the spin studio schedule. It was a great experience, and refreshing to see an indoor cycling program that eschews a lot of the egregious things attempted on spin bikes (i.e. lifting 2 lb pink dumbbells while cycling, taking the seats off the bikes, "hovers" in positions that unnecessarily stress your joints) - basically, if you wouldn't do it on a real bike, you shouldn't be doing it on a spin bike (see "This could be one the craziest (and most dangerous) Indoor Cycling classes I've seen").

I'm excited for this expansion of my indoor cycling side-career. While most of my classes will stay in their current format (kick-ass cycling based while still accessible for all fitness-seekers), there's the opportunity to build additional CF classes complete with heart rate zone training. Additionally, my spin studio is being set up for CF class filming - so one of my classes may be coming soon to an internet connection near you :)

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