Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Presque Isle Bay Swim

A quick day trip to Erie, PA for the Presque Isle Bay Swim. A quick 1-mile jaunt across the bay on a beautiful day.
I've got some awesome swim cap conehead going on here.
Now I know what clean water looks like. I could actually see feet in front of me! Although I had a hell of a time finding the buoys, thanks to blurry vision + vague instructions to "keep all the boats on your left and swim towards the dock with the blue roof". Time for new goggles...as lovingly attached as I've grown to the bug-eyed alien look the trusty Aquasphere Kayenne's give me, 2 years of abuse is enough. Orange looks the same as every other color through these buggers now. This was a non-competitive (no ankle chip!) swim, so no harm done, I'm not complaining about a little extra clean lake time :)

That's some decent sighting right there!
When you finally find the mysterious blue-roofed dock and haul yourself up the ladder, some very nice volunteers drape you with a finisher's towel (SO MUCH better than another t-shirt) and point you towards the bananas. Mmmm bananas...
I may look like a half-drowned vampire, but I have bananas and a towel, therefore I am happy.

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