Friday, October 17, 2014

Indoor Cycling: Late-Season Intensity Cranking Ride...

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, my cyclists are retreating inside to finish out their race season training. We dropped the hammer with this 1 hour cycling class this Tuesday. Enjoy!

15 minute warmup, building power, quick cadence drills

10 x 90 second intervals (recovery 90 seconds easy spin between each), broken down as:

   #1-4: Seated sprint, cadence 95-110
   #5-6: Hill climb, standing
   #7-8: Seated sprint, cadence 95-100
   #9: First 45 seconds - seated sprint, into a standing climb (attack) for second 45 seconds, hold effort level out of the saddle
   #10: First 45 seconds - standing climb (attack), straight into seated sprint to the finish for the last 45 seconds

Cooldown: 15 minutes easy-medium spin with some rolling hills

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