Thursday, February 19, 2015

Team SOAS 2015

BOOM! That's right, I'm officially announcing that I'm racing for Team SOAS in 2015. Love their gear and so excited to be connected to this awesome network of female athletes across the US (and Australia, Canada, UK...road (plane) trip maybe?)

Aaaand if you're a woman who bikes, runs, or triathlons - check out their awesome and highly functional gear at Soas Racing (especially their tri shorts. Trust me, your butt will thank you). I actually bought my first ever tri kit from them years ago, figuring that if I was going to embarrass myself swim-bike-running for the first time, I might as well look super cool in pink and black polka dots doing it (see below). It worked, and now those polka dots are kicking $@& instead of dropping things on the way out of T2 (well, most of the time).

1 comment:

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