Friday, March 13, 2015

Swim Form: Part 1

Above-water video shot at the end of mastér's practice this week, swimming an easy, smooth ~1:40/100yd pace.

Comments welcome! For my part, I think I'm seeing my thoracic mobility limitations show up in my shoulder motion, head could come down more, but body position is much improved...what do you think?

Underwater will be the interesting video - on tap for next week...

(switch to HD for clearest view)


  1. You could submit this to the Tawnee and Lucho at Ask The Coaches on the Endurance Planet podcast - via email or Facebook - and ask them. They sometimes analyze swim videos. Not sure if Brett at ZenTriathlon podcast does too, but he's a coach, triathlete and long-time swimmer.

    1. Good idea! I listen to them a bunch yet didn't think of that...

  2. For those curious, swim coach says:

    "When you push off the wall and swim, your feet need to be closer together (almost having your toes brushing past each other when you're kicking). You're losing surface area and therefore force when your feet are too far apart.

    You're streamline is leaning to the I would say to bring your hands more to the center of your body. I'm not sure if this is not possible because of spinal stretching details.

    Ok so with your're right arm bends out at the elbow like a square (really wide) instead of rectangular (really tall). The left arm comes straight up and slaps the water down. I would say try to make your stroke recovery part (when your arm is in the air) more rectangular for both arms so almost have your hand touch your armpit when it is in the air and going forward, if that makes sense...

    Ok so the end of your stroke when your wrist whips the water behind you is really good, but the bending and moving your arm through the air back to in front of you part needs to be more rectangular (using higher elbows) rather than wider (I just repeated myself).

    Your legs are high enough on top of the water, your feet just need to be closer together when you kick.

    Your head position when you breathe is excellent."

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