Monday, April 16, 2018

Bikepacking Oklahoma & North Texas

Because...why would you ride your bike into the middle of nowhere self-supported for one day when you could load it up with your camping equipment as well and go for multiple days?

There is something about having to rely solely upon yourself and what you can carry, about being outside totally disconnected for a few days. Realizing again how little you actually need. How much the people around you matter more than anything else. Or having no one around you and finding yourself again on an empty long red road.

Here's to ever more trips.

Trip #1: Tulsa, OK -> Lake McMurtry (via Stillwater, OK)
Solo roll.

Kona Big Honzo DL loaded up with Oveja Negra frame bag, dry bag roll w/ Wanderlust front pack,
Nuclear Sunrise chuck bucket, and tent poles strapped to top tube.

After the first 20 miles out of the city, I took 60 miles of mostly gravel roads until hitting downtown Stillwater for some Aspen Coffee and 1907 Meat Co refuel. The last 15ish miles up to Lake McMurtry to camp. Same process in reverse the next day.

Trip #2: Denton, TX -> Muenster, TX

Party of 2.

Specialized Crux w/ Oveja Negra frame bag, Rogue Panda top tube bag, dry bag roll w/ Wanderlust front pack. 2 person tent on the bike that's not a 48cm frame. Jones bar envy.

Classic Texas white slushy gravel once out of
town...slushy because the weather forecast lied to us, which it often does. Barbecue and 4R Winery & Ranch at the end are powerful motivators. 70-some miles, 25 mile ride around Muenster, 70 back the next day.

Trip #3: Tulsa, OK -> Osage County, OK

Native Lands Tour. Sizable group. Female n = 4.

Specialized Crux w/ Oveja Negra frame bag, Rogue Panda top tube bag, dry bag roll w/ Wanderlust front pack, tent poles strapped to down tube.

70-80 miles x 2 days of the best of Northern Oklahoma prairie land.

Write-up and some sweet photos can be found on my Gravel Cyclist article here. Including a great demonstration of what to do if you happen to forget your non-bike shoes.
Never forget your rocket fuel.


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