Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It's been almost a year since I posted on here. Whoops.

I've been writing. Mostly ride reports and rants on women in cycling, for Gravel Cyclist (linked in Writing). Mostly I've been off being an emergency medicine doc, and trying to train, which has really just turned into trying to be outside every now and then, which is necessary to let all the things out that accumulate over hundreds of hours of that kind of work.

And sometimes that means not riding the best tactically that you might, or the fastest that you might, but riding the way you need to. Which may mean staying in a big gear up a hill so you can feel some hurt, and then sitting in a ditch and crying for a little while because you want to. And there will be those people that get that, and those that don't.

Next up...the things I've been working on when not on a bicycle.

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