Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Honey Stinger HIVE Elite

Hey folks! I'm happy to be able to say that I'll be representing Honey Stinger as a Hive Elite athlete this year. Their support & products will be put to good use at events like Iowa Wind & Rock, Dirty Kanza, Land Run, and Wilderman this year. In a moment of downtime working ICU nights right now, I calculated that I'll burn about 560,000 calories at the events I have on my schedule currently, and not all of those calories can be replaced by gummi bears and hot chocolate from Casey's (also diabetes is bad.)

I've been using Honey Stinger waffles for a few years now - for athletes with Celiac, gluten-free stroopwafels are a lifesaver. They taste good, go down easy, and have a decent mix of simple and complex carbs. Organic, simple ingredients compared to most other nutrition products. Fair warning, they do freeze at temperatures below 25 F (thanks, Trans Iowa 2018!). If I'm out in those temps, waffles now go in my pockets or down the front of my bike jersey. Problem solved. And there's a large box of waffles and honey-based gel coming my way to help me get ready for the upcoming ultra season.