My Research

I study how stress affects structure and function in the human brain - and how we can counter those effects with stress reduction training through mindfulness.


I talked to Scientific American about the neuroscience of mindfulness for this article:

Interview with covering our mindfulness-based stress reduction and IL-6 study:

Scenes from my Winter 2017 class "The Science of Stress", taught at Middlebury College: J-Term Scenes: The Science of Stress

Published Papers

Creswell, J. David, Taren, Adrienne A., Gianaros, Peter (2014) Neural Pathways of Mindfulness and Stress Reduction: Amygdala Functional Connectivity Covaries with Dispositional Mindfulness and Changes with Mindfulness Meditation Training. Poster presented at American Psychosomatic Society Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Coutlee, C., Taren, A., Hoyle, R., Costanza, P, Huettel, S. (2011) Dissociating impulsivity subtypes using questionnaires, behavior, and functional neuroimaging. Poster presented at Society for Neuroeconomics Conference, Evanston, IL.

Taren, A., Venkatraman, V., Huettel, S. (2010) A parallel functional topography between medial and lateral prefrontal cortex: Evidence and implications for cognitive control. Poster presented at Society for Neuroscience Conference, San Diego, CA.

Venkatraman, V., Taren, A., Rosati, A., Huettel. S.  (2009) Distinguishing Response, Decision and Strategy Conflict in Dorsomedial Prefrontal Cortex. Poster presented at Organization for Human Brain Mapping meeting, June 2009.

Carter, R.M., Cirulli, E.T., Clithero, J.A., Meyer, J., Mullette-Gillman, O., Smith, D.V., Taren, A., Venkatraman, V., Platt, M.L., Skeene, J.H.P., Huettel. S.A. (2009) Reward sensitivity for self and others. Poster presented at Society for Neuroeconomics conference, Sept 2009.