Indoor Cycling Training

I've been teaching indoor cycling classes since 2010 at the Greater Pittsburgh YMCA and X Shadyside. I'm currently certified through Cycling Fusion. Classes range from 45 to 120 minutes and are taught on Keiser bikes. One of the things I love most about the classes I teach is that we often have beginners riding right alongside competitive cyclists - all workouts are adjustable to your individual fitness level and current goals. You won't find any "bike dancing" here; I design my rides to prepare you for cycling and triathlon season while keeping you engaged.

Additionally, I coach the winter training program for the Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club and have led indoor training sessions for the Pittsburgh Triathlon Club.

Here are a few of my most popular interval workouts (for more, see posts tagged "Indoor Cycling"):

The rotating descending pyramid: 2 x 4 sets
Set 1
1:00 Seated Sprint
:45 Seated Climb
:30 Standing Climb
:15 Standing Attack Sprint
Rest :30
Set 2 
1:00 Seated Climb
:45 Standing Climb
:30 Standing Attack Sprint
:15 Seated Sprint
Rest :30
Set 3
1:00 Standing Climb
:45 Standing Attack Sprint
:30 Seated Sprint
:15 Seated Climb
Rest :30
Set 4
1:00 Standing Attack Sprint
:45 Seated Sprint
:30 Seated Climb
:15 Standing Climb
Rest :30

Rolling Hill Sets
Set 1
30 sec climb (effort 7/10)
30 sec climb (8/10)
30 sec sprint (7/10)
30 sec flat (recovery)
Set 2
45 sec climb (8/10)
45 sec climb (9/10)
45 sec sprint (7/10)
45 sec flat (recovery)
Set 3
60 sec climb (7/10)
60 sec climb (8/10)
60 sec sprint (7/10)
60 sec flat (recovery)

Long Mixed Set:
Warm up w/ spin-ups, then:

10 min big gear (7-8/10), low cadence (60-75 rpm)
10 min small gear (3-4/10), high cadence (90-110 rpm)
10 min threshold effort (RPE 7-8/10, choice of gear & cadence)
10 min small gear, high cadence
10 min big gear, high cadence


  1. All class packages and memberships are valid on both cycling and yoga classes. We currently offer classes in both the morning and the evening Solana Beach.

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